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Adult Christian Education

Christian education does not happen quickly. Christian education is not something we do once as children—then when we get older, we’ve simply got it. No, Christian education is a lifelong process of learning, believing, growing, and serving. Christian education is a never-ending process that is enabled in Christian community, as Christians continue to study, worship, fellowship, and serve together.
The lessons of Christian education make it possible for us to practice love and to live as children of God. How well we—children, youth, or adults—learn those lessons day by day will determine what kind of church we are Sunday by Sunday.
Adult Christian Education (ACE) Sunday morning Classes: All are welcome. Come as you are able when we have a class available. 

A new study, Reading the Bible, Missing the Gospel,  by Ben Connelly will start in the Meditation Room on Sunday, Sept. 10, at 9:30 am.  Using theology, humor, and practical examples the author Ben Connelly reveals shockingly common ways we get the Bible wrong. Connelly invites Christians to see themes and teachings with new eyes—or, rather, with old eyes—on topics like confession and forgiveness . . . what it means to be blessed or happy . . . whether we’re commanded to or prohibited from passing judgement. How does the gospel inform our understanding and answer these questions? Connelly gives readers a new gospel-focused lens that addresses common frustrations and helps them see with renewed hope, clarity, and courage.Having a copy of the book will strengthen your study. You may obtain your own copy or contact Janet McCarty at or 630-636-7233 and she will order one for you.

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We meet every Wednesday at 10:00 at Panera. 
All are Welcome!
BOOK CLUB: The next book club meets monthly. If you have any questions, please contact Mary McCannon or the church office.
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