Rachel Conover

Youth Director


Youth Group Meets Sundays 3:30pm

Tuesdays at 5:30

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Our biblical theme for January and February will be “Holy  Water”. 

We are learning about the importance of water in the Bible and in our everyday lives. Water is represented in Creation, Baptism, Cleansing Salvation and the  Holy Spirit. Water is often present in    displays of God’s love for us. A world without water would be dry and dead. Water is essential for life!

While we look deeper into scripture to find these themes we will also be using water to help a seedling garden to grow. Just like God offers us the water of life we will do the same for some herbs and flowers. We are hoping to nurture our seedlings all the way to becoming an outdoor container garden in the spring. With some blessing from above this little garden with help us learn more about fresh foods and how to use them in healthy recipes this spring and summer  :)


 Important Dates-Upcoming Events

Youth Group Lock In -Saturday Feb.1  8pm start 

-The youth have requested  a lock in on Feb. 1. If parents would like to volunteer to help out that would be much appreciated.

 We will be preparing a taco bar for dinner and learning to make different salsas and guacamole. We will have board games and movies and some fun trivia. I will be sending home permission slip this Sunday with a few more details  (NO youth group on Sunday the 2nd)

 Shabbat Friday Egalitarian Service 7:30pm Feb 7 Friday -see details below 

Youth Take over Brunch  March 8th 

March Madness Burrito Fundraisers-Date is TBD 


Confirmation 2019-2020

 Next week we welcome all mentors to attend confirmation class with us.

Jan 30- A Loving Church & Lives in Mission w/ Mentors/Guest Speaker

 It has been the tradition of the Confirmation Class to attend a  Friday Shabbat Service. This year we will be going on Friday Feb. 7th. Parents and mentors are welcome to attend with youth but we will have volunteers available to drive and attend with youth as well.

Feb 7 Friday Shabbat Evening Services begin at 7:30 p.m.

 Additionally, this year the Temple B’nai has offered us the opportunity to attend their  Shabbat Chaverim Service on Saturday Morning. This will be offered to all Sunday School and Youth Group members as well as the confirmation class.


Rachel Conover

Youth Director

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Youth Haunted Hallway 2019
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Youth military boxes
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