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The Art of Eric Carle

June 12 - 16


In addition to being an author of many beloved children’s books, Eric Carle has illustrated more than 70 stories.  In our Eric Carle camp, we will investigate the various ways he illustrated his books.  Watercolor and tissue paper, along with color mixing techniques, will be explored.  Eric Carle stories make it fun to learn about colors, numbers, sharing, feelings, and so much more!

Wide World of Sports

June 26 – 30


Offering exposure to different sports can help children figure out which ones they like best.  Participating in sports is a fun way for children to learn about teamwork, communication, and the importance of exercise.  In this week’s camp, we will focus on a new sport each day.  What equipment is needed for golf?  What is inside a baseball?  Which is heavier, 3 tennis balls or 3 golf balls?  We will investigate each of these questions, as well as try each sport.

Under the Sea

July 10 – 14


Children will discover the wonders of the deep blue sea.  What mysteries lie in the ocean?  We will find out through games, songs, and stories.  During this engaging theme, children will investigate sea life, graph sea creatures, used mixed media to create their own fish, and more!

Icky Sticky Science

August 7 – 11


Kids learn by doing.  Hands-on science encourages children to DO something – observe, ask questions, smell, touch, experiment.  Hands-on science activities give children a chance to engage multiple senses.  We will use bubbles to explore surface tension, combine substances to observe chemical reactions, and see the power of the sun’s rays.

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